Yoon Hyup: The Planets

Yoon Hyup_ The Planets banner photo

Nanzuka 2G features the works of Korean artist Yoon Hyup, who is also participating in the group show “Prism” at Nanzuka Underground from 9th Oct. These two exhibitions will be the first presentation for the artist in Japan.

Yoon Hyup is a highly anticipated NY-based artist who is a leading figure of the digital graphic generation engaged in the production of minimalist paintings. Having familiarized himself with the likes of music and skateboarding since a young age, and growing up in the midst of various pop culture, Yoon’s work, while constituted by an extremely simple interplay of colors, lines, and dots, convey a refreshingly vibrant and energetic feel. Recently his work is introduced to a wider audience by collaboration with well-known brands such as Nike SB, HUF, and FTC, along with art installation projects with Dior and Tiffany & Co., and more.

Yoon Hyup presents his recent works based on inspirations that he found in cities and the islands in the Aegean Sea. The city of reality where survival and hustle are happening every day. And the island with the lights of the little houses on the hill, mountains, pebbles, and naturally made roads are evocative of other planets. For this exhibition, Yoon Hyup captured the inspirations he found from the two different places that he has seen. Just like Gang Starr’s “The Planet”, which tells the story of the daily life of hustle in Brooklyn, and Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”, which makes you imagine exploration into unknown space.

In this exhibition, the character, Juggler, who was recently born out of Yoon Hyup’s line-and-dot works, will accompany you on your journey. Also, don’t miss on finding Juggler that is hiding in the artwork.